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Our Traditional Dance Show showcases one of Cambodia's most famous arts. Our dancers take you on a journey from the Angkorian palaces to villages today. The troupe, featuring live singers and musicians, present eight Classical and folk dances at our stage in the beautiful grounds of the National Museum.


Time: 7-8pm, doors open at 6.30pm

Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

Location: National Museum of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. Click here for map.

Includes English language explanation of the meaning of each dance. 

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For further information email or call +855 (0) 17 998 570.


Krom Thmey - A Snapshot of Cambodia through Dance

The skilled troupe, graduates from Phnom Penh's School of Fine Arts will transport you to the far regions of the kingdom. This vibrant show presents an array of dances from Khmer and different ethnic minorities that reside in Cambodia, ranging from the traditional elegance of Apsara to the folkloric romance of Nesat (the fishing dance). The performances will captivate you through their beauty and poise, enhanced with outstanding costumes and color.


CLA is a non-profit organization based in Cambodia that focuses on Cambodian arts. CLA implements a series of programs, following the process of creating a sustainable environment where Cambodian arts can empower individuals and communities.

As part of its Community Arts program, Cambodians learn traditional arts; motivated students get opportunities to improve their skills as arts professionals in the Capacity Building program; CLA’s Creative Industries program creates regular, well-paid work for arts professionals in the arts sector, while raising awareness about Cambodian traditional arts among foreigners and Cambodians.

As a true springboard for arts professionals, the Traditional Dance Show presented by Cambodian Living Arts On Stage plays an integral role in this program. After 2 years of performing on the National Museum’s stage, the Morodok Komar Bassac now receives at least two requests per month for private performances, and we have been able to introduce new artists and troupes to the stage.