Knowledge, Networks and Policy

We want to contribute to the generation of knowledge about Cambodian arts and culture, and to contribute to international dialogue about the role of arts and culture in sustainable development, especially in post-conflict societies. We work to forge national, regional, and international networks that will help to advance the work of artists and arts managers from Cambodia, and we use our position in the arts sector to actively bridge between civil society and government, helping to develop partnerships and stimulate discussion of cultural policy.

Our main activities are:


  • The Living Arts Fellowship program, which supports and gives new opportunities to arts leaders.
  • Taking part in conferences, workshops and seminars on themes including culture and development, and arts in post-conflict societies.
  • Participating in a cultural policy consultation with the Ministry of Fine Arts.
  • Initiating networking events for the arts community.

We welcome research, which we recognize contributes to the creation of policy.

Cambodia is a true success story in terms of how the arts have been revitalized; this revitalization has had a positive, healing effect, and has created a kind of “soft” power in the continued economic development of Cambodia.

We believe that Cambodia can act as a model for other countries’ role and relationship with arts in post conflict societies.