Learning and Leadership

This program pillar focuses on building the capacities or arts students. We want the arts sector in Cambodia to be fully staffed with well-trained arts professionals working to international .professionalism. There are two main programs; the Arn Chorn-Pond Living Arts Scholarships, and the Professional Development Program.

Arn Chorn-Pond Living Arts Scholarships

The scholarship program was started in 2011, with the intention of increasing the level of professionalism in the arts sector, and helping those students with the greatest potential to become leaders. In 2016, 25 scholarships were awarded from over 100 applications received. Approximately, 1/3 of the scholars come from the provinces, while 2/3 are affiliated with arts organizations outside CLA.

Students are given money to cover school fees and study-related expenses. They are open to traditional performing arts students and professionals who show talent and motivation to increase their expertise – with priority given to applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds. The study projects chosen ranged from Pin harp to circus, Smot chanting, and more. CLA also holds monthly meetings with the scholars which provide them with useful non-artistic skills, such as leadership, financial management, and career planning.

  • My speaking skills and self-confidence have improved very much through the trainings and workshops by CLA.” Sgnoun Kavey Sereyroth, Pin student (Cambodian Harp)
  • “I am more confident to share my ideas and motivated to join other educational events to upgrade my general and artistic knowledge and skills” El Huyno, Painting student
  • “I am always passionate to attend the monthly meetings because I can learn new things, build my self-confidence, and strengthen the relationships with my friends” Khem Sok Srey Mean, Painting student.

Professional Development

This program aims to give artists, administrators, and technical specialists the skills and experience they need to secure regular, paid work in the arts. From January-August 2016, we provide a set of six courses across the year, including budget management, sales and marketing, and social media. These will run both in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

Focus Artist

Noth Somphors, Pin (harp) student: “Even this year is my last year, and I know that my capacity in playing harp is not good enough yet, thus I commit to study more with another teacher when I finish my scholarship with Cambodian Living Arts to improve the quality of playing harp. Moreover, I would love to thank Cambodian Living Arts that supported me to study harp with Dr. Him Sophy, without this support, I could not have the great opportunity to grow both my artistic skills and my personality.”