Living Arts Fellows


The Living Arts Fellows Program provides an exciting career development opportunity to leaders and innovators from the arts and culture sector. Through a year-long program, Fellows develop in-depth expertise in universal themes related to culture, cultural leadership and sustainable society, advancing their own practice in the field. Fellows will be challenged to explore and interrogate these themes through their own personal, professional and cultural perspective, and will present their conclusions and analysis in the public domain. 

The program is structured through a series of ‘labs’, where the Fellows will take a theme related to arts and culture, throw it around, break it apart, try to understand it for what it is and then either reform it or reinvent it. During these labs, Fellows will develop local, regional and international networks, through interaction with leading scholars, practitioners and artists from the culture sector. Drawing on Cambodian Living Arts’ extensive networks, the Fellows will form new relationships and collaborations with some of the most innovative leaders and communities working in the region today.

The Living Arts Fellows Program is a key strategy of the Greater Mekong Hub for Cultural Innovators. The hub will connect 40 Fellows from within the Greater Mekong Region over the next 5 years, and will join the global network of Young Cultural Innovators developed by Salzburg Global Seminar.


The aim of the Living Arts Fellows program is to nurture leadership and develop potential in the arts and cultural sector. Specifically, the program aims to:

  • Foster a spirit of critique and analysis about the Cambodian context amongst Fellows in order to enhance their capacity to engage in conversations on a world stage.
  • Improve the Fellows’ voices to connect with international networks, with particular emphasis on nurturing the ability to advocate for arts and culture.
  • Increase capacity to lead public intellectual discourse.

Benefits for the Fellows

The program combines an intensive learning and working experience, run in collaboration with partner institutions from around the world. We are seeking outstanding individuals, with vision, curiosity and critical perspective, who are committed to career advancement in the cultural sector, and ready to represent themselves, their institutions and the power of the arts in the international area. 

Benefits to the Fellows will include:

  • Career advancement and reputation building
  • Development of local, regional and international professional networks
  • 10-day visit to Myanmar for partnership building and field-work
  • Opportunity to publish work related to cultural policy
  • Publication of independent enquiry project
  • Access to nomination to participate in the Salzburg Global Forum as a global Young Cultural Innovator
  • Access to nomination to attend international forums in Europe and Asia.



Living Arts Labs: 

During the year, Fellows will participate in 4 Living Arts Labs. Each lab will last three days, and will feature case studies, speakers and ideas from around the world. In 2015 the themes for the labs will be:

  • Culture, knowledge and meaning
  • Value in the arts
  • Dynamics of tradition and creativity
  • Open theme

Themes have been developed with the input of an Advisory Committee of Senior Leaders from the arts and culture sector in Cambodia.


Greater Mekong Exchange:

Fellows will participate in an intensive visit to a neighboring country in the Greater Mekong Hub. In 2015, we plan to visit Myanmar. The program will be curated to allow exploration of the themes of the labs, and to facilitate relevant networking opportunities for the Fellows.


Group project:

Cambodia has recently published its first National Policy for Culture. For this year’s project, the Fellows will work with policy experts from the region to do a group project on Cultural Policy.


Individual project:

At the beginning of the year, each Fellow will select a question for investigation throughout at the program. Through a series of structured assignments, support from an advisor and discussion with other Fellows, each Fellow will form an opinion or a hypothesis on their theme. At the end of the program, Fellows will present their projects as a public talk and panel discussion. Talks will be recorded, and published as audio podcast.