Market Creation

As well as supporting artists and arts managers throughout their education and professional development, Cambodian Living Arts also works to ensure there are viable job opportunities in the arts and culture sector. We see this as a crucial part of building a viable and self-sustaining artistic community, where the value of the arts is appreciated.

To do this, we’ve worked with leading Cambodian directors to create successful performances that attract paying audiences – both local and abroad – and sustainable products, from musical CDs to on-site tours, which earn revenue for CLA that can be used to pay artists a competitive, living wage.  At this stage, we want to foster the independent capability of emerging artists and other arts professionals, so they can form their own troupes and be seen as Cambodia’s premier working performers.

Our goals are to:

  • Help arts professionals find consistent, well-paid work in the arts and culture sector, supported by Cambodian audiences.
  • Have 50% of CLA’s audiences in Cambodia consist of Cambodians within 3 years
  • Have 50% of CLA’s funding generated by our Cambodian operations within 5 years.

We have three main programs; the Traditional Dance Show presented by Cambodian Living Arts On Stage, Private Performances, and Living Arts Experiences.

Traditional Dance Show

The Traditional Dance Show is CLA’s flagship social enterprise. Since 2009, we have staged performances on our own stage at Phnom Penh’s National Museum. Currently, the troupe Morodok Komar Bassac perform six nights a week during high season, and four nights a week during the low season. The show consists of eight classical and folk dances from around Cambodia, including the famous Aspara dance, accompanied by live musicians.

The last high season attracted 7411 visitors, provided employment to 128 arts professionals, and was rated the top cultural attraction in Phnom Penh on, receiving a Certificate of Excellence.

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Private Performances

Cambodian Living Arts facilitates paid performances at hotels and other venues for troupes of professional or emerging artists. This program also works to ensure that CLA becomes known as the number one supplier of high-quality shows by audiences who value and respect traditional Cambodian performing arts. In 2015, we staged 41 performances at venues including Raffles Hotel in Phnom Penh and Koh Song Saa resort, and introduced 13264 visitors in total to Cambodian performing arts through our cultural performance programs in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

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Living Arts Experiences

We provide opportunities for groups and individuals to get a unique, in-depth experience of traditional Cambodian arts through our Living Arts Experiences. Participants meet CLA Artists, learn about their work and its place in Cambodia’s culture, and have the opportunity to dress in traditional costumes and try some performing arts themselves. In 2015, 2250 guests gained this authentic and in-depth experience, and we worked with school groups from Australia and the United States.

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