Amatak Festival

AUGUST 15-17, 2014

Royal University of Fine Arts & National Museum of Phnom Penh

A traditional AND creative festival!

We organized the Amatak Festival to demonstrate that traditional arts can be creative, dynamic and relevant to Cambodian society today. It was also a brilliant way to celebrate 15 years of Cambodian Living Arts’ work.

Amatak means "eternal" in the Khmer language. The Festival was named Amatak to represent our ideal of "living" arts, art that is creative and new while at the same time preserving traditional art styles. As a successor to our Cambodian Youth Arts Festival (CYAF), the Amatak Festival shared the same goals of encouraging youth to discover and enjoy traditional arts. 

The festival received an overwhelming response: 


  • We facilitated 8 workshops with 240 participants
  • We hosted 3 discussion groups with 70 participants
  • We attracted 1,500 spectators
  • We collaborated with 10 performing troupes, including classical and folk dance, Yike classical theater, and all kinds of musical ensembles.


At least half of the spectators were attending a Cambodian arts performance for the first time. We were also very pleased to have ten spectators enquire about learning a traditional art.


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