Association for Young Artists

The Association for Young Artists (AYA) was a project started in February 2012 to support young Cambodian artists to become experts in their chosen fields, and to teach them how to advocate for themselves in the marketplace and ensure fair wages for their work.

As a first step, the project team created the Artistic Development Club in June 2012, which then became in February 2013 a registered, independent association, TlaiTno (Dignity).

TlaiTno association offers advanced training to graduates from the School of Arts in Siem Reap in areas such as costume and makeup design and theatrical lighting so that they are able to perform at the highest professional level. The association also creates opportunities for dialogue among these young artists and the cultural, governmental, and tourist organizations that will hire them, so that both parties understand their rights and responsibilities. Our aim is to create dignified conditions for new Cambodian artists.

The AYA project was developed in partnership with the Italian organization Centro Italiano Aiuti all’Infanzia (CIAI) and supported by UNESCO.

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