Season of Cambodia

The Season of Cambodia festival, a unique initiative by Cambodian Living Arts, brought over 125 artists from Cambodia to New York City for a major celebration of Cambodian arts, culture, and humanities.

Distinctive works from over 125 master and emerging artists and scholars—in ritual, music, visual art, performance, dance, shadow puppetry, film, and academic forums—were presented by more than 30 of New York’s most renowned arts and educational institutions, marking an unprecedented city-wide initiative to celebrate one of the world’s most vibrant and evocative cultures.

The festival celebrated Cambodia’s artistic renaissance just one generation after the Khmer Rouge regime (1975-1979), and reflected on how important the arts have been in the country's transformation.

Season of Cambodia serves as an international platform that not only highlights the extraordinary resilience of the Cambodian nation and its artists, but also helps pave the way for other post-conflict nations seeking renewal through artistic expression.


Learn more and view work by Season of Cambodia performers:

Thanks to all our partners who made this event possible.