Upcoming Events


Jolana Jongjam II is a festival of contemporary dance, on the theme Movement Memories, to be held in Phnom Penh on 1-4 September 2016 The 2015 festival sold out every night, with almost 600 young Cambodians experiencing contemporary dance, many for the first time.


This year, the festival will be held over four nights, at 3 venues; CLA’s stage at the National Museum of Cambodia,  Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia, and the American University of Phnom Penh. We hope to reach an audience of over 1000 young people over the festival.


Jolana Jongjam will feature performances by New Cambodian Artists, an all-female contemporary dance troupe based in Siem Reap, and Epic Arts, an inclusive arts organization based in Kampot. Their performances use movement to explore memories, and the idea of memory itself. Last year the festival pieces looked at memory from the perspective of Cambodia's modern history and the Khmer Rouge regime; this year the pieces also explore personal memories and identity. 


Jolana Jongjam II is a continuation of the 2015 Acts of Memory Program, which commemorated the 40th anniversary of the fall of the Phnom Penh with events and activities to engage young Cambodians on issues of memory, identity, and historical understanding. Recognizing that memory - or how a society remembers its own history - underpins identity, the Acts of Memory program highlighted the resilience of Cambodian society to not only overcome tragedy, but also to rebuild and strengthen Cambodian arts and culture.


This project was made possible with funding from Robert Bosch Stiftung and the European Union. We would also like to thank Reek Sai youth group for invaluable organizational assistance.


Tickets cost $2.50 per night, and can be purchased from the CLA office, the National Museum ticketing booth, PUC and AUPP.