OUR WORK: ANCER Conference

PROGRAM: Knowledge, Networks, and Policy
AIMED AT: Arts managers, researchers, and policymakers


In January 2016, we brought 100 arts managers, cultural researchers, and policymakers from 20 countries to Phnom Penh for the third conference of the Asia-Pacific Network for Cultural Education and Research (ANCER). ANCER is a network that promotes research in the arts sector, focusing on arts management and cultural policy in the Asia-Pacific region.

For three days, delegates aged from 20 to 70, from Ministries, grassroots collectives, and NGOs took part in sessions exploring Vitality and Viability: Arts Ecosystems in Asia. We developed this theme through conversations with the arts community in Cambodia.


“I wanted to meet more young people working in the cultural sector in this region, have a conversation….then go back to Taiwan and get in touch with all of you”

YU Chuchun, Department of Cultural Exchange, Taiwan

“[I came to ANCER to] make informal connections, so I can get to know people and we can move forward – regional creative networking”

Janet PILLAI, Independent Cultural Researcher

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