LIVING ARTS BLOG: ARTISTS IN BLOOM: Portraits of 10 Living Arts Scholars

Exhibition Celebrates 10 Years of Arn Chorn-Pond Living Arts Scholarships

27 September 2021 | Written by Danielle KHLEANG
Quotes have been edited lightly for length and clarity.

A portrait is never a truth but the appreciation, the feeling, the perception of someone we have at one moment. – SOVAN Philong, “Artists in Bloom” Curator

Commissioned by Cambodian Living Arts to celebrate 10 years of the Arn Chorn-Pond Living Arts Scholarship program, “Artists in Bloom” is an exhibition of portraits and objects, representing 10 artists who have received scholarships since 2011 showing at Rosewood Phnom Penh‘s Art Gallery.

For CLA, the anniversary is both an opportunity to celebrate the 120+ scholars that have passed the program and an opportunity for Cambodia to recognize and celebrate the contribution of its arts sector:

In the last 2 decades we have seen a number of viral posts about the growing urbanization of Cambodia and countless success stories of business people. Stories of economic developments are always in the spotlight — but a society that develops without prioritizing the arts will miss the soul or creative spirit of its people. In this exhibition it’s refreshing to see the profile of these young artists that exist and how they fill this need in Cambodian society. Prim Phloeun, Executive Director, CLA

In “Artists in Bloom: Portraits of 10 Living Arts Scholars,” curator, SOVAN Philong and photographer, CHHEN Kimhong create a profile of Cambodian arts today that allows the audience to imagine how much more is possible with continued investments in the arts.

Through the portraits, common themes among the featured artists are revealed. From a commitment to self development, to the wish to inspire and influence others and a dedication to family and community. Though many of them have faced challenges, it’s clear from their stories that the scholarship plays an important role in nurturing young talent and making sure opportunities are not lost to build community and connection through the arts. This network of bright young people have and will continue to make a difference to Cambodia’s future through their creativity and passion.

Reflecting on the project, Philong said, “when CLA contacted me, I was very interested in the project but [how to capture the narrative] wasn’t immediately clear to me. It was more about the profile [of the artists] to present on the wall. In the end, the project became really about composing the picture, not taking it. To make the picture we think about the background, the audience, environment and lighting.” On collaborating with Kimhong, he added, “Kimhong is quite new and talented. With a background in graphic design and as an up and coming photographer, [CLA and I] decided to give this opportunity to the young artist to manage the creative idea.”

With this prompt, the two set-off with total creative freedom and returned with a body of work that combines the spaces of Cambodia with the portraits of the scholarship recipients to show a profile of Cambodia’s arts landscape today.

Please enjoy some snapshots of the exhibition below.


“Artists in Bloom” curator, Philong details how he commissioned master musician and mentor to MAN Chantha, a 2018 Living Arts Scholar, to create the stringed instrument seen here for the exhibition.


Portrait of KEM Socheat, a 2017 scholarship recipient and contemporary dancer with Epic Arts.


CLA always makes my heart beat a little faster with excitement, seeing what some of the artists endure to produce their art is humbling. They spend years perfecting their talents which help protect and promote this country’s unique culture and show the world how pure and true Cambodia art and culture really is. The short film [“Dare to Dream” by NEANG Kavich] at the end of the current exhibition made me cry so many happy tears and filled me with hope for this country’s future. – Nat DI MAGGIO, Owner & Curator, Tribe Cambodia

I am very happy to be able to join this photo exhibition. It is a great photo exhibition. When I joined the tour, I felt the hope of Cambodia Arts and Culture expanding to the next generation. – Dr. PHOEURNG Sackona, Minister of Culture, Royal Government of Cambodia


The exhibition showed very impressive photos of 10 young artists supported by the organization, and each photo is filled with their sensitivity, dynamism, and passion. We are very happy to see that even though Cambodia lost a lot of talented artists during the civil war, young generation are once again taking over the tradition and growing in the art field. – H.E. Mr. MIKAMI Masahiro, Ambassador of Japan to the Kingdom of Cambodia

About the Curator and Photographer

SOVAN Philong, Curator – A celebrated photographer who was awarded a grant by the French government to study at École nationale supérieure Louis-Lumière in 2012. He is among the leading photographers of Cambodia with exhibitions nationally and across Asia and Europe. Philong recently won the Grand Prize of Wonder Foto Day 2019, an annual photography fair in Taipei. 






CHHEN Kimhong, Photographer – Kimhong graduated from IIC University in 2018 and in 2019 joined “Studio Image” at Institut Français du Cambodge. There he participated in two more photography workshops, “Light” and “Pass.” Later, in 2021, he joined the exhibition “« Natte Nappe Mappe »” working with “Textiles.”






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