OUR WORK: Arts for Transformation Course

PROGRAM: Knowledge, Network and Policy
AIMED AT: Students, working professionals (including artists), and the general public

Arts for Transformation Course
This course open to students, working professionals (including artists), and the general public. Suitable for people interested in humanities, development, sociology, cultural theory and the arts.
It aims to engage students to critically discuss the roles of arts and culture in transforming post-conflict Cambodia.


Students will:

  •  understand the role of arts and culture in processes of transformation
  • discover relationships between politics, memory, and healing
  • explore the impacts of cultural entrepreneurship
  • debate and exchange with cultural experts and artists
  • directly experience the impact of arts through field trips
Course fee: $80
Course duration: 29 April – 21 August 2019

Interested please contact Ms. SAN Sarim at 089 737 650 or email sarimsan@puc.edu.kh

CHEY Chankethya

“I think it is a very crucial part of the learning process in which students are subjected to critical questions and how they could discuss more on how arts and culture play a really important role in Cambodia.”

NOEUN Sony, year 4, major in International Relations


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