OUR WORK: Chapei Dang Veng Festival

PROGRAM: Heritage Hub
AIMED AT: Artists and audiences in Cambodia


We’re excited to present the 2018 Chapei Dang Weng Festival, a collaboration between arts partners from all around the country!

Location: CLA Heritage Hub, Wat Bo, Siem Reap

Date: 30 November 2018 – 2 December 2018

The festival will be three days of workshops and performances. It is open to everyone and all events are free of charge. Join us for a weekend celebrating this unique part of Cambodia’s living cultural heritage!

The Chapei Dang Weng Festival is a collaboration between:


  • UNESCO | Intangible Cultural Heritage


  • Heritage Hub, Cambodian Living Arts
  • Ministry of Culture & Fine Arts


  • American Corner South East Asia
  • Bambu Stage
  • Phare Performing Social Enterprise, Co., Ltd
  • Silong Original
  • Small Arts School
  • Sounds of Angkor
  • The Community of Living Chapei
  • The Khmer Magic Music Bus
  • Tuk-Tuk TV
  • Wat Bo Leather Puppet Troupe

All events are free admission. You will need to register for the workshops in advance via this form.

Performance Schedule

Friday 30 November

Pong Savda Song by the Community of Living Chapei, The KMMB,Mann Men Artist Troupe

Chapei Dang Veng –short documentary by theMinistry of Culture and Fine Arts

Speech by SONG Seng, Heritage Hub Manager

Speechby Representative of Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts

Chapei Dang Veng by 3 Generations:

  • Chapei Quintetby the Chapei Masters
  • Chapei Dang Vengby the 2ndGeneration
  • Chapei Dang Vengby the 3rdGeneration

Saturday 1 December

The Chapei and the Three Strings Lesson’,short filmby Patrick KERSALÉ


Krama Khmer (Cambodian scarf)by The Khmer Magic Music Bus and Master KONG Nay

Sronos Khe Kadek(December Romance)by Community of Living Chapei

Heartstringsby The Khmer Magic Music Bus

Sunday 2 December

Krong PealiCeremony by Sounds of Angkor

Cheav Khan Sla by Chapei Master & Community of Living Chapei artists

Areak(Spiritual Ensemble)by Sounds of Angkor

Words from Chapei Masters

Closing Remarksby SONG Seng andRepresentativeof Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts

The Full Program


There are 6 workshops, each of which will run three times over the festival: Saturday 1 December 8.30am-10am and 1.30pm-3pm & Sunday 2 December 8.30am-10am.

They are all held within the grounds of Wat Bo:

Workshop 1: Storytelling (for students from grade 1 to 3) (under the bayan tree)
Workshop 2: Storytelling (for students from grade 4 to 7) (under the tree next to the main temple)
Workshop 3 : Chapei Dang Veng (Sala Thaom Chas)
Workshop 4 : Classical Wedding Music and Areak Music (Sala Thaom Thmey)
Workshop 5: Puppet Making (in front of Heritage Hub)
Workshop 6: Drawing (Heritage Hub)

To register for these workshops, please sign up here or contact sormanak@cambodianlivingarts.org. Please note that the workshops will be in Khmer language.



Each night from 7pm-8.30pm there will be a performance at the Heritage Hub. Entrance is free. The program is:

Friday 30 November

Opening Ceremony and Performances, featuring three generations of Chapei artists

Saturday 1 December

Performances, including a video, Yaksao, Krama Khmer, Sranoh Khe Kakdoek, and “Heartstrings” by The Khmer Magic Music Bus

Sunday 2 December

Closing ceremony and performances, including Krong Peali, Cheav Khan Sal, Areak, words from the Masters, and closing remarks.



Moderated by SO Phina, with

  • Master Kaosal Voha KONG Nay
  • Master El Bien (aka Kampoul Pich)
  • Master SAO Ien
  • Master KONG Hing
  • Master KEO Hoeun

Satuday 1 December, 10.30am-11.15am at the Heritage Hub


TALK BY PATRICK KERSALÉ, ethnomusicologist and researcher

Saturday 1 December, 11.15am-12pm at the Heritage Hub



Photo exhibition about the history of Chapei Dang Weng, at Sala Thoam Chas, from 8.30am-4.30pm each day of the festival.


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