OUR WORK: Chapei Dang Veng Festival

PROGRAM: Heritage Hub
AIMED AT: Artists and audiences in Cambodia


We’re excited to present the 2018 Chapei Dang Weng Festival, a collaboration between arts partners from all around the country!

Location: CLA Heritage Hub, Wat Bo, Siem Reap

Date: 30 November 2018 – 2 December 2018

The festival will be three days of workshops and performances. It is open to everyone and all events are free of charge. Join us for a weekend celebrating this unique part of Cambodia’s living cultural heritage!

The Chapei Dang Weng Festival is a collaboration between:


  • UNESCO | Intangible Cultural Heritage


  • Heritage Hub, Cambodian Living Arts
  • Ministry of Culture & Fine Arts


  • American Corner South East Asia
  • Bambu Stage
  • Phare Performing Social Enterprise, Co., Ltd
  • Silong Original
  • Small Arts School
  • Sounds of Angkor
  • The Community of Living Chapei
  • The Khmer Magic Music Bus
  • Tuk-Tuk TV
  • Wat Bo Leather Puppet Troupe

All events are free admission. You will need to register for the workshops in advance via this form.

The Program


There are 6 workshops, each of which will run three times over the festival: Saturday 1 December 8.30am-10am and 1.30pm-3pm & Sunday 2 December 8.30am-10am.

They are all held within the grounds of Wat Bo:

Workshop 1: Storytelling (for students from grade 1 to 3) (under the bayan tree)
Workshop 2: Storytelling (for students from grade 4 to 7) (under the tree next to the main temple)
Workshop 3 : Chapei Dang Veng (Sala Thaom Chas)
Workshop 4 : Classical Wedding Music and Areak Music (Sala Thaom Thmey)
Workshop 5: Puppet Making (in front of Heritage Hub)
Workshop 6: Drawing (Heritage Hub)

To register for these workshops, please contact sormanak@cambodianlivingarts.org. Please note that the workshops will be in Khmer language.



Each night from 7pm-8.30pm there will be a performance at the Heritage Hub. Entrance is free. The program is:

Friday 30 November

Opening Ceremony and Performances, featuring three generations of Chapei artists

Saturday 1 December

Performances, including a video, Yaksao, Krama Khmer, Sranoh Khe Kakdoek, and “Heartstrings” by The Khmer Magic Music Bus

Sunday 2 December

Closing ceremony and performances, including Krong Peali, Cheav Khan Sal, Areak, words from the Masters, and closing remarks.



Moderated by SO Phina, with

  • Master Kaosal Voha KONG Nay
  • Master El Bien (aka Kampoul Pich)
  • Master SAO Ien
  • Master KONG Hing
  • Master KEO Hoeun

Satuday 1 December, 10.30am-11.15am at the Heritage Hub


TALK BY PATRICK KERSALÉ, ethnomusicologist and researcher

Saturday 1 December, 11.15am-12pm at the Heritage Hub



Photo exhibition about the history of Chapei Dang Weng, at Sala Thoam Chas, from 8.30am-4.30pm each day of the festival.


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