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Introducing the theme and what cultural season is

The world is changing and so is Cambodia. With these changes and development (globalization, immigration…etc.), some view this as a threat to “Cambodian Identity/Pure Culture”. With this current context, what do we mean by “Cambodian Identity, i.e. to remain the same or to extend the definition to respond to changes with time and space and who has a right to (re)define it? With 90% of Cambodia’s population being Khmer Ethnicity as majority, so how are different minorities (including indigenous people, Vietnamese, Cham, Chinese and Lao) integrated? Does the emergence of the diverse expressions (contemporary arts form, visibility of LGBT…etc.) necessarily mean an opposition to dominant culture? How are they represented and from which point of view? Can all these different groups be together as “us” or should be separate from each other as “them”?”

CLA is excited to invite all artists who are interested to explore these questions and explore the theme “Expressing Identity: Them and Us” through our cultural season, a 3-month program from Jun-Aug, in Phnom Penh.

Download the application form bellow and submit to sokhorn@cambodianlivingarts.org or facebook Sokhorn Yon


  • Can be solo or group performance (up to 8 artists maximum)
  • Performing arts which can be new work to be created OR new work-in-progress that needs completion
  • Be 35 years old or under
  • Fit the concept of the cultural season
  • Have duration between 40 mins-1 hour
  • Must be available to​ attend cultural season (detailed program to be discussed but will be 1-2 times performance) between Jun-Aug​​


  • Financial support from 1000 to 3000 USD
  • Performance in Cultural Season

Supported by:


Giving artists the chance to create work is one of the best ways to encourage creativity and expression. We regularly “commission” new projects. Some recent projects include:

Commission: Kakei
Form: Yike (opera)
Artists: UY Ladavan & Yike Amatak
This was co-commissioned with Plerng Kob. Kakei is a traditional piece of Yike repertoire. However the troupe wanted to present it with a new angle, to question society’s expectations of women. The production premiered Bon Phum (Village Festival) in April, and has since been performed at locations around Phnom Penh in June – August.

Commission: Prolung Skor Chey
Form: Percussion and dance
Artists: Female artists from Sounds of Angkor troupe, with SUON Sopheak

Female artists from Sounds of Angkor created a 20-minute piece demonstrating leadership roles from women in the arts. This was performed at Pannasastra University of Cambodia, Siem Reap, in January.

Commission: Traditional Dance
Form: Classical and folk dance
Artists: PHAL Saravuth, with Yu Vek Selapak

Yu Vek Selapak performs regularly in our Traditional Dance Show at the National Museum. In January we commissioned them to develop three new pieces: Melody of Drums, Tbal Kdoeurng, and The War of Pinunjit & Hanuman.

Commission: Pin Panchapor
Form: Dance and music
Artists: HANG Rithyravuth

This was our first collaboration with RUFA’s Faculty of Music. HANG Rithyravuth directed this piece which mixes contemporary and classical dance, with traditional music and martial arts. The dynamic story was inspired by Professor. HANG’s research into the well-known episode from Reamker, The Churning of the Milk Sea. The piece was first performed in May 2017 to a packed crowd at the National Museum of Cambodia

Commission: Healing Workshop
Form: Contemporary Dance
Artists: CHEY Chankethya, with Amrita Performing Arts

In March 2017, we commissioned a therapeutic project aiming to use dance as a way to heal trauma. The audience watched a solo performance by CHEY Chankethya on the theme of body memory, before taking part in an interactive and creative workshop.

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