OUR WORK: Jolana Jongjam

PROGRAM: Arts Development
AIMED AT: Contemporary dance troupes and young audiences.



Jolana Jongjam, meaning ‘Movement Memory’, is a festival of contemporary dance. Performances explore themes of history, memory, and identity, presented in creative and dynamic ways. Our first two years have been really popular, with every performance at our theater at the National Museum of Cambodia selling out!

Jolana Jongjam 3 will take place in July 2018.

Participating Artists:


We will hold Jolana Jongjam 3 in July 2018.


“I was happy to see arts organizations come together to host this event. I learned more about Cambodia’s history, and I think that the audience felt this too. The festival reached an international audience, and showed them Cambodia’s potential in arts,”

PO Sakun,dancer from Epic Encounters

“This was my first time joining this kind of event in Phnom Penh. I could learn and share experiences with artists from different provinces and show what we do to the public. I learned more about the past and present of Cambodia’s history. I want to have this festival again so more young people can take part!”

ROEUN Sarun,dancer from New Cambodian Artists and former CLA Dance Teacher

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