OUR WORK: Khmer Magic Music Bus

PROGRAM: Khmer Magic Music Bus

AIMED AT: Audiences in villages all around Cambodia


The Khmer Magic Music Bus has the mission to take traditional music to villages all around in Cambodia, especially in rural areas where performing arts are often hard to find. The KMMB began as an independent project started by our founder Arn CHORN-POND and friend Steve RIEGE in 2012. They had watched Master Ta Hai play in an isolated part of Oddar Mencheay Province, and seen the villagers who came out to listen transfixed by hearing a live performance of their own traditional music for the first time. They started the bus to try to recreate this across Cambodia. Led by THORN Seyma, they have now played in every province of Cambodia.

The Khmer Magic Music Bus became a program of CLA in 2017, so that we can work together to extend their outreach and increase their performing opportunities.

Their next performances will be in Oddar Meanchey province on 9-11 April 2019!

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