Living Arts Fellows



The Living Arts Fellows Program provides an exciting career development opportunity to leaders and innovators from the arts and culture sector. During the year-long program, Fellows explore themes related to culture, cultural leadership and sustainable society, advancing their own practice in the field. Fellows are also challenged to reflect on their own leadership, and the impact that they want to have through their work in the arts.

The program is structured through a series of ‘labs’ – weekend working group sessions held in arts spaces around Cambodia and including experienced mentors from around Asia. Each lab has a different theme, relevant to cultural development in Cambodia today. During these labs, Fellows will develop local, regional and international networks, through interaction with leading scholars, practitioners and artists from the culture sector around Asia.

The program also includes a regional research and networking trip, and a project at the end of year.

Program goals

The aim of the Living Arts Fellows program is to nurture leadership and develop potential in the arts and cultural sector. Specifically, the program aims to:

  • Give the Fellows space for critical and analytical reflection on their own work in the culture and arts sector
  • Deepen the Fellows’ awareness and understanding of key issues in cultural development
  • Offer the Fellows new national and regional networks
  • Develop the Fellows’ sense of leadership and ability to advocate for the arts
  • Support the Fellows to clarify their visions for the personal and professional impact they want to create through their work

Benefits for the Fellows

The program combines an intensive learning and working experience, run in collaboration with partner institutions from around the world. We are seeking passionate individuals, with vision, curiosity and critical perspective, who are committed to career advancement in the cultural sector, and ready to represent themselves, their institutions and the power of the arts in the international area.

Benefits to the Fellows will include:

  • Career advancement and reputation building
  • Development of local, regional and international professional networks
  • 10-day visit to Laos for partnership building and field-work
  • Access to nomination to participate in international forums in Europe and Asia, e.g. Salzburg Global Forum for Young Cultural Innovators



We are looking for applications from leaders from Cambodia (or other Greater Mekong countries) who have:

  • Curiosity, open-mindedness
  • Critical thinking capacity
  • Entrepreneurial spirit - can do attitude
  • High-level conceptual understanding of the role of arts and culture in society
  • Commitment to and passion for arts and culture
  • Desire for self-development
  • Interest in making new networks around Asia

Fellows can be artists or culture managers, but should exhibit leadership in their field. Whether you are a museum manager, an independent artist, or working for government, or in an NGO... it doesn’t matter. If you are organising other artists, making decisions, or advocating, or trying new practices that are influencing others in the culture sector, and you meet the criteria above, we want to hear from you.

Please note that the working language of the program is English. So good English language skills (particularly speaking and listening) are needed for the program, as the Fellows will be working with leaders from around Asia, and beyond. Reading and writing are less important.


To apply please send your resume and a cover letter, explaining your interest in the program to Your application can be in either Khmer or English. Deadline for applications is April 12th 2017.

To download or print this information, please click here: ENGLISH or KHMER

Program Overview

The program comprises 4 elements:

Living Arts Labs:

During the year, Fellows will participate in 4 Living Arts Labs. Each lab will last three days, and will feature case studies, speakers and ideas from around the world. In 2017 the themes for the labs will be:

  • The Politics of Spaces (Siem Reap, May 13 -16)
  • Value in the Arts (Battambang, Jun 29- Jul 2)
  • Entrepreneurship and Audience Development (PHP Aug 31 – Sep 3)
  • Cultural Leadership (Kampot Nov 23 - 26)

Greater Mekong Exchange:

Fellows will participate in an intensive visit to a neighbouring country in the Greater Mekong Hub. In 2017, we plan to visit Laos. The program will be curated to allow exploration of the themes of the labs, and to facilitate relevant networking opportunities for the Fellows.


At the end of the year, the Fellows implement a project. The concept of the project will be decided by the Fellows during the course of the program.

Personal training:

Each Fellows is given financial support for individual coaching or mentoring during the time of the program.