We think that these research topics would make valuable contributions to knowledge about arts and culture in Cambodia.

Please get in touch with us at if you are interested in exploring any of the following:

  • Update the Performing Arts Employment Survey CLA undertook in 2013/4
  • Conduct a tracer study of Arn Chorn-Pond Scholarship Students  and/or of students from the Secondary School of Fine Arts or the Royal University of Fine Arts
  • Market research into Cambodian audiences (what, when, where, how do different segments of Cambodian audiences want to consume performing arts and how much are they willing to pay for it?)
  • Research the role, access and rights of indigenous cultures in the arts in Cambodia
  • Research the perception of activist art in Cambodia
  • Conduct a feasibility study of a micro-commissioning program for young composers/curators/choreographers/etc
  • Feasibility study of a Cambodian mobility grant within ASEAN/
  • Study the role of young people as intermediaries in audience development and individual art production
  • Study of how Cambodia’s orally transmitted traditions might survive in the digital age
  • Research the relationship between funding diversity and cultural diversity
  • Research into sustainability strategies for cultural enterprises in Cambodia
  • Feasibility study of engaging diaspora communities (e.g. in France, the U.S. or Australia) more strongly in cultural activities in Cambodia, and ways in which this could take place
  • Does Cambodia need a national arts festival?
  • Does Cambodia need an international arts festival?
  • Assessment of the cultural infrastructure of Cambodia
  • Mapping the Cambodian arts ecosystem


About Us and Our Work

OUR STORY 1998 – 2017

CLA Living Arts Fellows 2017

Peter Gabriel talks to Arn Chorn Pond – Full Conversation

Arn Chorn –Pond Living Arts Scholarship Students 2016

CLA Fellows Program 2015

Bangsokol: A Requiem for Cambodia

Jolana Jongjam 2 Teaser


Song for the Death: Kantoaming Music

Smot: Enchanting Sound

Cambodian Classical Wedding Music

Inspiring women in the arts


KHOUTH Sochampawatd





Amatak Festival (2014) Dance by Children of Bassac (Part 1)

Amatak Festival (2014) Dance by Children of Bassac (Part 2)

Amatak Festival (2014) Music by Sounds of Angkor

Amatak Festival (2014) Chapei Dang Weng performed by Chapei Amatak Band

Amatak Festival (2014) Chapei Dang Weng performed by Community of Living Chapei

Large Shadow Puppet by Children of Bassac Troupe (2015)

akhon Yike: The Story of Mak Therng (2015) Part 1

Lakhon Yike: The Story of Mak Therng (2015) Part 2

Lakhon Yike: The Story of Mak Therng (2015) Part 3

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