OUR WORK: Research Residency at 2019 REPfest New Traditional Music Festival

PROGRAM: Knowledge, Networks & Policy (International Program)
AIMED AT: Researchers, scholars, writers and critics or Artists, arts professionals, cultural practitioner University students, who have interests in research, arts, and culture 


The Heritage Hub Research Residency by Cambodian Living Arts (CLA) provides an opportunity for researchers to investigate the values behind cultural exchange and collaboration, and to share their findings to improve mutual understanding.

With support from Japan Foundation Asia Center, this research grant offers a six-week research residency for a Japanese national. This research residency will coincide with the 2nd REPfest New Traditional Music Festival which will be taking place September 2-8, 2019 and bring together seven music ensembles from the Mekong region and Japan. The researcher in residence will work collaboratively with two other Cambodian researchers. The researchers in residence are supposed to present their preliminary findings during the mentioned period.

We especially want to support people who have not had access to similar opportunities previously. We commit to support all applicants regardless of age, disability, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, and economic background. We encourage women and those from vulnerable groups to apply.

Cambodian Living Arts’ most recent five-year strategy (2017-2021) emphasizes creativity, expression, and innovation. We see our role as a catalyst – we work to support an environment where artists can express themselves and engage with society, and together we can create positive impact for Cambodia through the arts.

Deadline for Japanese Researcher: 31 March 2019

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