Experience CLA

Experience CLA is a branch of CLA that creates sustainable and fairly paid jobs for artists and technicians, and give audiences an opportunity to experience quality, authentic Cambodian performing arts. They also contribute income to Cambodian Living Arts overall, and help us to fund our other programs.

Featured Programs

“Earth & Sky” Traditional Dance Show

This runs at our intimate open-air theater inside the grounds of the National Museum of Cambodia. Our troupe, who were selected and trained by neak kru VOAN Savay, former prima ballerina in the Royal Ballet of Cambodia, perform eight classical and folk dances, from 7-8pm every night.

Cultural Trips

We curate tailor cultural trips for family or school groups, which include workshops, performances, tours, and personal meetings with artists.

Dance Workshop

A 90 minute dance workshop is held everyday at 3PM by Experience Cambodian Living Arts’ performers, where participants can learn the fundamentals of classical and folk dance. A unique opportunity to understand the meaning of Cambodian arts and share the daily lives of our dancers and musicians. Accessible to all!

Private Performances & Workshops

Our team can set-up customized private workshops, lessons and performances with some of the best artists in the country.