March 26-27: Kampong Thom_Contemporary Dance “BECOME”

BECOME describes about masked dance form combined with new ideas based on contemporary elements such as dance movement, music, and gestures. This piece relied on innovative ideas, new challenging, and the values of the Khmer traditional dance, masked dance to preserve and develop in the current context.

Choreographed by: Chek Sangthorn

7:30-10:00 PM


Location 1 (March 26): Toul Kbil primary school, Toul Kbl village, Kampong Svay commune, Kampong Svay district, Kampong Thom

Location 2 (March 27): Kok Ngoun secondary school, Kok Ngoun village, Tropang Rosey commune, Kampong Svay district, Kampong Thom

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