March 10-11: Kampong Thom, Spoken Theater “MY CHOICE”

Spoken Theater “MY CHOICE”

Being self-sufficient and independent at the age of 27, Rada is comfortable with her lifestyle and doesn’t want to start building her own family. This leads to countless conflicts with her single mother who worries about the daughter’s well-being and tries to set her up with someone. What will be Rada’s choice in the end?

Written by: POV Nheata, Directed by: PUMTHEARA Chenda, Assistant director: HOUT Sokkanitha

7:30-10:00 PM


Location 1 on 10 March: Hun Sen High School, Sandan Village, Sandan commune, Sandan District, Kampong Thome

Location 2 on 11 March: Wat Tang Krasang, Tang Krasang village, Tang Krasang commune, Prasat Sambo district, Kampong Thom

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