March 21-22: Pailin_Lakhoan Boran “LIN THONG”

Lakhoan Boran “Lin Thong”

Prince Lin Thong fell in love with Princess Klam Pou who is the daughter of Ahkal Yeak of the Giant Kingdom. When the giant king envisioned that something is off, and discovered this secret love affair which is such a disgrace to the Kingdom, he declared war with Lin Thong.

Troupe Leader: PUM Sokkhim, Artistic Coordinator: NAM Narim

7:30-10:00 PM


Location 1 (March 21): Wat Kong Kang, Wat village, Sangkat Pailin, Pailin city, Pailin

Location 2 (March 22): Mout Stoeung Tareab, Toul Svay village, Sangkat Toul Lvea, Pailin city, Pailin

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