Cambodian Living Arts Opportunities Brochure 2023

Why CLA create these opportunities?

Cambodia these days has many emerging artists and cultural practitioners who have full potential and creative concepts to make new works and leadership talent in varied initiatives, however, at a similar time they need support to reflect and develop their creative and non-artistic skills to form their vision. By seeing all of those desires, particularly within the current Cambodian context, CLA has initiated lots of exciting opportunities to encourage artists and cultural practitioners to achieve their goals additionally as build a robust art ecosystem and connect them to the event of Cambodian society through these funding opportunities.

“There are many reasons to apply for a grant. The most important one, of course, is to get financial assistance for our next project. But to me the important reason is that it gives an artist an opportunity to put together a proposal, which would include a portfolio and an essay. This isn’t something we do everyday and to do it requires quite a bit of thought and labor. But each time we get into this practice of organizing our work for others to see, we also give ourselves a moment to reflect on what we’ve done.” Sopheap Pich, Nov. 2021