Arn Chorn-Pond Living Arts Scholarship

The Arn Chorn-Pond Living Arts (ACP) scholarship program was established in 2010, aiming to develop students’ artistic vision, to encourage values of inclusivity, creativity, and curiosity, and to encourage professionalism and the student’s potential to be leaders in the sector. CLA’s goal is to invest in the leadership of potential creatives and talents and enhance their ability to express and reflect critically on their relationship and society in a broader perspective. By doing so, we hope to strengthen the capacity of the valued-based human resources who will be able to sustain their career and the arts in the ecosystem in the long run.

Whereas our arts, culture and traditions were destroyed so suddenly and so quickly, the work of healing and rebuilding is a process that takes generations. Today, the Scholarship Program makes it possible for young people to further their studies, to learn new skills and to stick with their dreams of building a career in the arts. That hope is what I wanted to pass to a new generation. I am so proud of all the students and of what this program has achieved so far!_Arn Chorn-Pond, Founder of Cambodian Living Arts.


MAO Sreychhnas

Mao Sreychhnas is the former contracted officer at Pailin provincial department of culture and fine arts. Now she is studying bachelor of choreography in classical dance at Royal University of Fine Arts. She applies for scholarship to support her study in this major. She hopes that after graduation in 4 years, she will bring this artistic skill to serve at Pailin provincial department of culture and fine arts in order to strengthen and develop for the need of the provincial department including directing and performing to be better. Moreover, she aims to promote and share to young people at the province so that they have the opportunity to study this classical dance.

PING Sreynoch

Ping Sreynoch graduated in bachelor of Archeology from Royal University of Fine Arts and currently working as an assistant to General Technical Department of the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts. She applies for scholarship to study general English which could support her work in relations with local and international partners by being able to read, research for arts and culture knowledge to serve national sakes in the future. Her goal is to develop her potential having high knowledge in national arts and culture, able to learn from other countries’ culture in order to develop and promote Cambodian culture to the globe.

HUL Kanha

Hul Kanha is an independent visual artists in Siem Reap. She applies for scholarship to study bachelor of English because it could support her to develop her artistic skill to the next level and able to communicate with international stakeholders better. She also aims to be an educator in arts in the future. She will need to study further and conduct more research both her artistic skill and communication skill so that she could become a potential individual who could serve arts sector fully.

ROTH Sreypa

Roth Sreypa is a member of Kouy community in Preah Vihear. She applies for scholarship to study bachelor of International Relations so that it could improve her English and relations with national and international stakeholders better. Her goal is becoming a creative designer who could work with both local and international partners to uphold and preserve Khmer traditional clothes with creative concepts according to the local and international needs. Moreover, there will be unique creative and eco-friendly designs. Especially, she aims to create small enterprise that could offer job opportunities to indigenous women who earn less and young girls who gave up on education to earn some income to support family by working in design area.

HOUT Sokkanitha

Hout Sokkanitha is from Batteay Meanchey and currently a student studying choreography in Spoken Theater at Royal University of Fine Arts. She applies for scholarship to study bachelor of English. In the future, she aims to become a director in spoken theater and filmmaker. She sees herself as an individual who take part to promote and develop this field by using creative concept to respond to current and future development as well as to share and build resilient next generations and offer opportunities to show their talents and in writing. This scholarship will support her current study so that she could achieve her goal being able to use English as a skill and support her research as well as communications.

RIN Kakvey

Rin Kakvey is a musician teaching Pin Peat at Banteay Meanchey. He applies for scholarship to study further with a teacher in Siem Reap for Kantoemming ensemble including Srolai, Kong Peat, Skor Chey and Kong Morng. This scholarship will enable him to learn this endangered musical ensemble and that he is able to create this ensemble and teach students in Banteay Meanchey because nowadays this ensemble no longer exist in Banteay Meanchey. In the future, he aims to become a traditional musical instruments teacher and a researcher as he is very passionate about.


Poeurn Ponlea is a video producer and animator at Lakhorn Komnit organization in Battambang. He applies for scholarship to study general English because his English is still limited. He is always confident with his work and there are many opportunities being offered to him to develop skills and knowledge. However, sometimes he couldn’t get those opportunities because of his limited English. Moreover, his current works involve with community supporting women who face domestic violence and through the work of spoken theater, he is playing a part to get the work done successfully through video making and promotion. Therefore, English is very important for him in implementing project and plans.

PHAT Phyrom

Phat Phyrom is an officer of Cinema and Cultural Diffusion Department of Oddar Meanchey provincial department of culture and fine arts. He applies for scholarship to study master of public administration in order to take part to strengthen quality of administration in cultural sector by pushing expert people in the department to be more active in safeguarding and restoring various cultural works which are endangered and seek for living master artists to continue transferring knowledge to next generations. More importantly, this major will expand his knowledge in human resource management in the department and delegate tasks to the right people to ensure goals are met and efficiently.

Chan Sovandy

Chan Sovandy is a student studying bachelor of Painting at Royal University of Fine Arts. He applies for scholarship to support his current study at university because of study cost is his big challenge. His goal is to graduate in this major and to use his skill and knowledge to strengthen himself to be a potential Cambodian artist so that he could have opportunity to showcase his talent both locally and internationally. While he is a student, he is offered opportunity to intern to restore some painting at Chan Chhaya temple of the Royal Palace. That’s a great chance for him to involve in arts and culture as well as a bridge for him to practice his skill as a foundation for his future his career in arts sector.

Morn Mean

Morn Mean is a member of Kouy community in Kampong Thom and a teacher in a secondary school. He applies for scholarship to research Kouy dance because some belief, tradition and customs are endangered for the future. This scholarship will support him in building capacity, receive knowledge, experience and consultation from experts and people in the arts especially receive budget to implement his project as planned. He will continue to strengthen and expand Kouy youth troupe by gathering young people to participate actively by collaborating with elderly people in the community, Kampong Thom provincial department of culture and fine arts, and other stakeholders to research, document and create some new Kouy traditional dances.            


CHAN Savatey

Savatey is from Battambang and currently she is a Junior Communication Officer in Phnom  Penh. She used to work in several arts institution and she observed that some artists don’t have strong communication skill to promote their work wisely, her purpose is to help promote their works and connect with local and international galleries. Savatey applies for scholarship to study French to fulfil her purpose to pursue her study in Communication and Arts Media in France.


Kea is shadow puppet artist (big and small puppet, and sculpture) and troupe leader at Bambu Stage in Siem Reap. He and his team has created many meaningful performance telling the stories of citizens and the issues happening in society. He also used to teach young student how to sculpture. He applies for scholarship to study performing arts to enhance his artistic skill further and deeper.

PENG Chantrea

Chantrea is from Kampong Thom and she is a troupe coordinator and leader in communication and finance to promote arts to young people in her community. She applies for scholarship to study General English to build her communication with foreigners in order to promote culture and arts.

PHLAN Sochea

Sochea was born in Ratanakiri province and currently is studying Bachelor of Architecture at Norton University. He applies for scholarship to support his study at the university. This scholarship will be his big contribution to support his study until graduate, enable him to become a promising architect who uplift Khmer culture and especially ethnic minority culture and become a role model for youth in his community.

SEA Sophearun

Sophearun graduated a bachelor degree of Archeology from Royal University of Fine Arts. Currently he is technical staff working on research, documenting and conserving the heritage at APSARA National Authority in Siem Reap. He applies for scholarship to study general English as it’s necessary for communication and his translation skill. This scholarship will enable him to prepare to be the next young leader who is equipped with both hard skill and proficient language.

SO Channou

Channou is a teacher of classical and traditional dance at a primary school in Siem Reap. She applies for scholarship to study a Bachelor degree in Management, it will help her to manage and lead artists effectively. This scholarship will also equip her more knowledge in self-development and leadership and become an inspiration to young people in her community too.

SOR Sophay

Sophay graduated a Bachelor degree in Archeology from Royal University of Fine Arts and currently he works as an official at Department of Culture and Fine Arts at Prey Veng province. He applies for scholarship to pursue his master degree in Archeology at Royal Academy of Cambodia, he aims to document the ancient names of districts in Prey Veng and prepare record on artistic items as a collection book.


Troery Yam is a student at Bousra High School in Mondulkiri province and also a dancer in Bunong Bousra Art Troupe. She applies for scholarship to study general English to be able to promote her culture to the world. Her dream is to see her culture and arts become prosperous and well-known. This scholarship will enable her to have more knowledge in English, leadership, new perspectives and better self-confidence and become a role model in her community.

TRY Sokharaksmey

Try Sokharaksmey is an architecture student at Royal University of Fine Arts. She applies for scholarship to study general English because it will help her in doing her research, because most documents are in English language. Her dream career is becoming a professor in Architecture.  Through this scholarship it will build her soft skills, especially to find out about herself.

YEAN Chhenghak

Chhenghak is a year 1 student in Choreography at Royal University of Fine Arts. He used to involve as an artist and also a troupe leader in promoting artistic activities to communities in Kampong Thom province. He applies for scholarship to study general English that it will help support him his studying. His passion is to promote and bring his knowledge in arts to young people.

From The Students

“I am always passionate to attend scholarship meetings because I can learn new things, build my self-confidence, and strengthen the relationships with my friends”

KHEM Sok Srey Mean, Painting student

“My speaking skills and self-confidence have improved very much through the trainings and workshops by CLA.”

SGNOUN Kavey Sereyroth, Pin student

“I am more confident to share my ideas and am motivated to join educational events to improve both my general and artistic knowledge and skills”

EL Huyno, Painting student