Dam Dos Project Grantees 2023

SOK Nalys

Sok Nalys graduated from the Faculty of Choreographic Arts of the Royal University of Fine Arts and is a former artist of the Department of Performing Arts. I have performed at various national and international events from 2007 to present. I also used to direct performances and create some works of art to be used in various events both in the country and abroad. In addition, I have been involved in compiling and documenting classical dance with professors and seniors for a short period of time.

Project: “នាដ ឬ My body is made for dancing” This project aims to create a platform as a contribution to Cambodian society at the same time, to strengthen my potentiality to another level in trying new things. This project is also for the benefit of the next generation who study art as well as looking for good advice to build their future plan in art sector, as well as for the public who do not understand classical art to hear from the expert and understand art clearly. “Lys’s Perspective” will be a unique art forum on social media as it emphasizes the interconnectedness of classical art and contemporary contexts with the main strategies, I have devised such as the art of producing video, a moderate video quality with modern vibe. The topic will be prepared in advance and the content is carefully scripted with consultation from experts, professors or relevant institutions to ensure accuracy. This project will be implemented on Facebook page and on other social medias. It is expected that these will bring positive results both in terms of conservation and development in the field of classical art. Providing knowledge and motivation to the next generation so they can become a good resource for classical art, as well as the right support from the public, is a positive outcome for classical art and society.


Hourt Bunny was trained in Khmer folklore dance and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Choreography from the Royal University of Fine Arts. In addition to his dance installation, Bunny took up a new career as a stage manager. He has worked as a production coordinator for numerous productions and festivals including the rock opera Where Elephants Weep, Cambodian Youth Arts Festival, Season of Cambodia festival in New York, Mahabharata by Japanese director Hiroshi Koike and toured to Singapore, Japan, Vietnam and Rwanda. In 2014 he participated in the ASEAN Design and Technical Theater Workshop (Phase III) which focused on Production and Stage Management at the Cultural Center of the Philippines in Manila, Philippines. In 2016, a two-month production stage management residency with the international acclaimed New York based dance company, Mark Morris Dance Group (MMDG). This residency has been made possible through a grant from the Asian Cultural Council in New York City. Bunny undertook the technical direction, trained by Mr. Johan Henckens. In 2019 he participated in the MASTERCLASS on Lighting Design for Dance, trained by Jennifer Tipton, a lighting designer, with credit of 81 hours masterclass training at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Bunny has worked as a technical director and stage manager of Art of Peace in 2019, and Cultural season of Cambodian Living Arts in 2021, 2022, 2023. Bunny is also a faculty member at the Faculty of Choreographic Arts, Royal University of Fine Arts in Phnom Penh.

Project: “The day before I performed, today I watched the performance” is a title of a workshop program that will share experiences skills of Stage management, Stage and lighting design, and an introduction to the composition of participants in the performing arts production. Such as: Playwriter, Director, Stage and lighting designer, Costume designer, Technical director, Stage manager, Performer, Tech crew Etc. In this workshop, participants will learn a professional and internationally staged performance.

SUM Sithen

Since 2009, Sithen SUM has mobilized thousands of Cambodian film enthusiasts to build their foundations, producing and showcasing their short films, through intensive workshops and trips and especially, Chaktomuk Short Film Festival (CSFF). In late 2018, he graduated from a six-month movie producing course at Busan Asian Film School. After founding Sunflower Film Alliance in late 2017 and registering Sunflower Film Organization (SFO) in 2019, he pursued his mission in training Cambodian and indigenous youths and profiling up their works. Since 2019, he has expanded CSFF’s relationship with other festivals in Japan, China and the rest of Southeast Asia

Project: Chaktomuk Short Film FestivalChaktomuk Short Film Festival (or CSFF, in short) is Cambodia’s largest officially recognized international scaled short film festival. Founded since 2012, CSFF has served as a go-to springboard for independent filmmakers who went on to enjoy great opportunities and careers in their own filmmaking paths. CSFF is thus one of the most viable platforms of the Kingdom, enabling emerging filmmakers to showcase their creative works with cost efficiency to the mass, and international and affiliate platforms.

HUOT Hoeurn

My name is Huot Hoeurn, and I studied theater at Phare Ponleu Selpak from 2006 until 2012.

I am a theater teacher at Phare Ponleu Selpak and also a theater artist.

Project: “Today or never!”

OU Kongkea

I graduated bachelor degree of Archaeology in Royal University of Fine Arts (RUFA). I am now working at APSARA National Authority in Siem Reap. I also do research with intangible cultural heritage unit of APSARA to study spiritual beliefs, traditional practices, and craft arts in Angkor Region.

Project: “Pleng Krim” is a kind of wedding songs in Cambodia which is now facing globalization and modernization. This music was very popular in Siem Reap; however, it has remarkably been neglected among the practiced community which possibly lead to disappear in the near future. Meanwhile, local villagers are now influenced by “traditional wedding songs”, which can be globally found on social media, from outsiders. By seeing this situation, the project aims to research, document, and promote “Pleng Krim” for public attention. The study takes place at Thnoat Chrum, Duan Keo, Pouk, Siem Reap. We also hope this project will bring involved stakeholders to have a discussed platform in communities to national level. The research witnesses the struggle of musicians for preserving “Pleng Krim” and developing skill practices to chase the globalization in the village at the same time.


Born in 1982, Pisey Kosal graduated in photography from the École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie d’Arles (France) in 2006. Between 1999 and 2003, he studied French literature with teaching and journalism majors at the Institute of Foreign Languages of the Royal University of Phnom Penh (Cambodia). He also received a master’s degree in international law from Nice Sophia Antipolis University (France) in 2009.

During his journalism career, he has improved himself in the photography and art sectors. He believes photography is not only an art form but also a way to reflect on social issues. His first photo documentary was about precious stone workers in Pailin. In 2022, he participated in a photo workshop about the Phnom Penh suburb. His last artwork, “Slow Steps,” is a narrative photo book related to his own daily life observations. Currently, he continues to take pictures around Phnom Penh city, which is expanding, for example, with the “South Phnom Penh” project, and abroad, for example, in South Korea. He is also a lecturer in photography history and theory at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Royal University of Fine Arts. Space, landscape, people, and time are his main topics.

Project: “Practice and Theory Workshop History and Theory of Photography” Artistic photography is not only about shooting pictures! So, in this practice and theory workshop framework, lessons are designed mainly for student capacity enhancement to become artists, documentary, press, and advertising photographers.

The workshop has three goals. Firstly, it is an opportunity for students to gain knowledge on global and local photography history from the beginning to the digital stage. All theories will be explained through famous photographer’s works. Secondly, students have the ability to initiate their own research and create their own artwork. To support this goal, students may suggest a concept or topic for their personal project. Every week, students can show their photos and get feedback from classmates and lecturer. Thirdly, student artwork will be presented in different ways, for example, through exhibition and publishing.

This workshop will have an impact, for example, on contemporary artwork produced by students, which reflects multiple aspects: social, economic, environmental, religious, and development issues. Contemporary photo creation will become a heritage for our society and a memory for the next generation.

SIN Thuokna

Currently living in Battambang and working at Phare Creative Studio in the field of animation. As well as additional skills including Caricature, Body painting, Draw children’s story books and costume design. Future goal is to become a Fashion art designer in Cambodia.

Project: “1960s fashion” is a fashion show project of new design from 1960s in form of bigger, longer with gems and multiple color jewelries to remembrance of the strong progress in all form of arts such as music, movie, fashion, and building etc. The other hance in each design are being extracted and represent for artists in that period of time. We will take all form of fashion from 1960s to redesign them as a new creative which is more powerful that will show our identity to people around the world about our culture and our nation that is strong progress in this form of art too.