Experience Cambodian Living Arts

Experience CLA is a branch of CLA that creates sustainable and fairly paid jobs for artists and technicians, and give audiences an opportunity to experience quality, authentic Cambodian performing arts. They also contribute income to Cambodian Living Arts overall and help us to fund our other programs.

Watch as 30 talented artists take you on a journey into Cambodian mythology, ancestral traditions and village life. Enjoy a glimpse into Cambodian culture with the Apsara dance, Moni Mekhala dance, and many more! Witness the daily life of locals expressed through various folk and ritual dances. Don’t miss out on a Phnom Penh cultural show highlight!

This program is no longer available, but if you want to participate, we can connect you with grassroots organizations that we support that are running the program. Contact for more info: development@cambodianlivingarts.org

Highlighted Photos from the Program