Arts for Transformation Course

The course explores the power of arts and culture as a transformative force. How can safeguarding heritage, curating history, stimulating contemporary expressions, and promoting sustainability and cultural diversity heal a population and rebuild a post-conflict country whilst being a vital actor in sustainable development? What methods are viable, what tools proved useful, what approaches failed? The course is designed to allow for a wide range of engagement with the topic and the country: narration and film, history and theory, performance and experience, site visits and interviews, as well as a group project. As the course provides a platform to explore and debate approaches to reconstruction, revitalization, reconciliation and peacebuilding, its aim is to stimulate discussions, reflect on practices, ideas and visions.

“I think it is a very crucial part of the learning process in which students are subjected to critical questions and how they could discuss more on how arts and culture play a really important role in Cambodia.” – NOEUN Sony, year 4, major in International Relations

Highlighted photos from the first course

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